Physio Fitness

Sports Massage

There has been evidence of massage since BC 2330, most professional athletes will be getting soft tissue release work regularly, it has physical and mental benefits and can be incredibly beneficial alongside physiotherapy sessions. You can come to us for pre or post race massage or to ease your shoulder from working at a desk all day.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Increased Range Of Movement

Improved Flexibility

Reduced Muscle Tension

Improved Sense Of Well Being

Better Sleep Pattern

Decreased Recovery Time

Improve Blood Flow and Reduced Blood Pressure​

Decreased Risk Of Injury

Frequently Asked Questions

I have private medical insurance can you treat me?

YES, we can however medical insurance only covers physiotherapy sessions not sports massage.


I have never had a sports massage before, what should I wear?

You should wear clothing that means we can see and feel the area of the body we are treating, you may be asked to remove some items of clothing so we can properly treat you. Your modesty and privacy will always be respected.


I would like to book an appointment for my son or daughter who is under 18 is this possible?

Absolutely, however under 18’s must always have an adult present for their first appointment