Physio Fitness


We treat injuries from the moment they occur right through to return to fitness. Our approach to physiotherapy is hands on, assessing your problem and treating you based on your individual requirements. From mobilisation work to taping, strengthening to stretching, we thoroughly explain every step of the process ensuring you understand your injury and treatment.


We go beyond just the short term, we make sure you have the strategies after your rehabilitation to ensure you stay fit. Whether you have a recent acute injury or an ailment that you have been struggling with for years we are confident that we can get you where you want to be.

What you always get at PhysioFitness

Knowledgable and friendly staff

Hands on treatment

Clearly explained diagnosis

Latest medical technology

Emailed exercise programs

Individual treatment plan

Flexible payment options

Nespresso coffee while you wait

What Do We Treat?

Cervical Spine (Neck)

Thoracic Spine (Mid Back)

Lumbar Spine (Lower Back)














Soft tissue




Muscular Pain

Joint Pain

Tendon Injury

Ligament Injury


Post Operation

Pre Operation

Acute Injuries

Chronic Injuries

Paediatric Injuries/Conditions

Mobilisation and Manipulation

We have always been passionate about being a 'hands on clinic'. Mobilisation and manipulations help to improve range of movement and decrease pain.


Ultrasound therapy uses soundwaves to help produce a faster healing response.

Dry Needling

Dry needling works at releasing tight musculoskeletal trigger points that cause pain and tightness by targeting them with fine acupuncture needles.

Kinesiology Taping

Frequently seen on professional athletes taping techniques can help offload tight muscles, improve joint position and provide stability.

Vibration Plate Training

Whole body vibration therapy has shown it can help improve muscle activation and strength. It has recently been used by Astronauts on return to earth to help return strength to postural muscles!

Game Ready

Used by elite athletes worldwide the GameReady systems use cryotherapy and compression to reduce inflammation.

Biomechanical Analysis

Using specialist rehabilitation equipment in our gym space we can assess how your body is moving and how that is affecting your injury.

Percussion Therapy

Our percussion therapy devices use targeted vibrations to help release tight muscle tissue.

Muscle Stimulation

Muscle stimulation devices help to return activation and strength to muscles that are under active or weak. Especially useful after surgery when patients may be unable to weight bare.

Gait Analysis

Aided by video technology we can asses how you are walking and running and how it may be affecting your injury.

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood flow restriction training partial occludes arterial flow. It allows patients to train at high intensity without the need to load the joints with heavy weights.

Myofascial Cupping

Cupping therapy works to help release fascial tightness. A connective tissue that can cause tightness and pain.

I haven’t seen my GP or a consultant can I still come for an appointment?  

ABSOLUTELY! In many cases it is better to come straight to us then we can get you on the path to full fitness quicker.


I have never been to a physio before, what should I wear?

You should wear clothes you are comfortable exercising in as we may want to utilise the rehabilitation gym. In the treatment room you should wear clothing that means we can accurately assess the area of the body we are treating, for example wearing shorts for a lower limb injury or a top with straps for a shoulder injury.


I have a very busy schedule how long will my session be?

Your first session will be 60 minutes* and then most follow up sessions will be 30 minutes unless otherwise suggested.

*all sessions covered by private medical insurance are 30 minutes including the initial appointment.


I would like to book an appointment for my son or daughter who is under 18 is this possible?

Definitely, however under 18’s must always have an adult present for their first appointment.


Will you be able to tell me how many appointments I might need?

Sure, we do our best to give you an idea of how many sessions and how often you will need to come to see us. This may change as your injury progresses but we have flexible payment plans. You can pay for sessions as you go or make it cheaper and buy all you sessions upfront and best thing is, they don’t expire! Even if we get you better before you have had all your pre bought sessions you can use them at a later date for further physiotherapy or any of our other services like sports massage.