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Now, more than ever, our health is vitally important. Our purpose has always been to help keep you healthy, active and enjoying the sports and actives that you love.

We believe in a ‘hands on’ approach to physiotherapy, feeling how your joints and muscles are moving and why they are causing you an issue. We combine traditional physiotherapy techniques, such as soft tissue massage and joint mobilisation with the latest medical technological devices including MBST, K-laser, shockwave therapy and cryotherapy units.

Physio Fitness gives everyone regardless of age or activity level access to the same high standards of treatment an injured elite athlete would receive.

We treat injuries from the moment they are sustained, firstly assisting to reduce any pain and inflammation that may have been caused. Progressing to return complete range of motion then ensuring full strength is regained. Together we then work at targeted rehabilitation in both our dedicated rehab gym space and if required our unique outside spaces, all to get you back to what you love.
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🏉We can’t wait to be back at @bournemouth7s for our 5th year! 

We run a bustling treatment clinic looking after all the athletes on site competing in sports such as rugby, netball, hockey, fitness games, basketball, cheerleading and dodgeball! 

We utilise our specialist equipment and knowledge, provided by some of the brightest therapy students from across the country. 

We also provide pitchside care to a number of the top rugby 7s teams. 

This year we are delighted be sponsored by @physiquemgmt who are providing us with EVERYTHING we need to run a successful physiotherapy service 🙌

It’s all shaping up to be our best year yet 💪
🐻 One of our lovely patients has knitted Hannah this wonderful bear! 

Any name suggestions?
Tom is in London today at the British Shockwave Association conference. Learning all about the latest research and developments in Shockwave Therapy. 

Tom will feedback to the team and help ensure we are providing the most evidence driven treatment to our patients to deliver the best outcomes. 

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🦴 Pleased to say we are now an approved Ostenil provider. Ostenil is a hyaluronic acid injection that has been proven to reduce pain and improve knee function in patients with Osteoarthritis. 

It’s part of our commitment to continue to offer a variety of treatments to our patients to get you back doing what you love.

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