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Alter G - Anti Gravity Treadmill

Since 2005, AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ products have changed the way athletes and diverse patient populations rehabilitate and train. Throughout their work in elite sport Tom and Dave have used Alter G to help professional athletes return to their sport as quick as possible.  We are delighted to say this technology is now available at the clinic, reinforcing our value of providing access to the best medical equipment available to elite athletes to everyone.

It is a unrivalled piece of equipment that can return you back to your sport, hobby, or work much quicker, whether that is walking at the weekends or high level international sport. The machine allows us to gradually progress you from not being able to weight bear, to standing, then to body weight movements such as squatting and lunging, up to weight bearing assisted walking and running.

However, it is not just musculoskeletal injuries it can help with. The Alter G can help with athletic performance training, for example long distance runners looking to train but without overloading their joints and soft tissues. When using the Alter G your first couple of sessions will be fully supervised. Then if both yourself and the therapist are happy you will be given a programme to complete independently at times to suit you with intermittent supervision.

Why use the Alter G

Return from injury quicker by being able to gradually load weight at specified intervals.

Traditionally post injury rehab has been in the pool 0% body weight or back on land at 100% bodyweight. The Alter G allows you to gradually load your joints and soft tissues from 20% all the way back to 100%

Long distance training train your long distance fitness but without the associated impact on your tissues

Elite Athletes

Gareth Bale - Wales and Real Madrid Footballer

4 x Champions league winner

Alex Morgan - USA & Orlando Pride Footballer

2 x World Cup Winner 1 x Olympic Gold Medal 1 x Champions League

Paul Pogba - France & Man Utd Footballer

1 x World Cup winner 1 x Premier League winner 4 x Serie A winner

Sergio Aguero - Argentina & Man City Footballer

4 x Premier League winner

Paula Radcliffe - Marathon Runner

1 x Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Held Marathon record for 16 years

Connor McGregor - MMA Fighter

UFC Featherweight Champion

UFC Lightweight Champion

Anthony Joshua - Heavyweight Boxer

1 x Olympic Gold Medal WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO Champion

Lebron James - USA and LA Lakers Basketball Player

2 x Olympic Gold Medals 3 x NBA Champion 16 x NBA All Star

George North - Wales Rugby British & Irish Lions

4 x 6 nations championship 1 x Premiership 1 x European challenge cup

What injuries can Alter G help

Musculoskeletal Injury

Lateral Ankle Ligament Sprains

Medical Collateral Ligament (MCL) Sprains

Muscular or Facet joint related back pain

Quadriceps/Hip flexor Strains

Calf Strains

Hamstring Strains

Adductor Strains

ITB syndrome

Piriformis syndrome



Post-Operative Rehab

ACL Reconstruction

Meniscectomies & Meniscus Repairs


Total Hip & Total Knee Replacement

Achilles Reconstruction

Athletic Performance

Increase Training Volume Safely

High Intensity Interval Training

Overspeed Training

Lateral and Retro Walking

Plyometric Drills (Skipping and Single Leg Hopping)

Active Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use an Alter G for my rehabilitation?  

The Alter G takes body weight load off and you can increase in small increments. For example after a knee operation …..getting back to full strength you need to slowly increase  load on your knee as opposed to using your full body weight. The Alter G allows you to start by only putting 20% of your bodyweight through your knee You can then increase in increments of as little as 1% up to fully weightbearing.


What should I wear?

You need to use specially fitted neoprene shorts while in the AlterG treadmill, so your own tight fitting shorts will work well underneath. In the current climate we recommend you purchase a pair of shorts (£115). However we do have a range of sizes available for you to borrow that are cleaned and disinfected between each use.


What footwear do I wear? 

It is best to wear a comfortable pair of trainers, like you would on any treadmill, but at times we may want you to be barefoot.


Can I use the Alter G alongside my Physiotherapy sessions?

ABSOLUTELY! We may recommend that you do both. For example, if you have just had a knee replacement you may see your physiotherapist first for a 30 minute physiotherapy session to release tight soft tissues and help reduced inflammation around your knee, then following that session complete a 30 minute individual programme on the Alter G.


I have private medical insurance does it cover using the Alter G?

Yes the Alter G is covered under private medical insurers, however as part of your policy you may only be able to claim for a set number of sessions. So in this instance it may be in your best interests for your private medical sessions to cover the physiotherapy sessions and for you to self fund your Alter G sessions.